Maximise ore recovery


Our customer is a gold and silver mine.

When in operation during the first half of 2023, 2 million tons of ore will be processed annually, resulting in an average production of 2.8 million ounces per year of metal (gold-silver), which translates to 350,000 equivalent annual ounces of gold.

Therefore, our customer needed a solution to measure muck pile movement caused by blasting.


Maximise ore recovery with a technological solution monitoring muck pile movement to control ore loss and reduce dilution.


Enaex responded to the challenge by developing and implementing the Ore and Waste Tracking System. The solution measures muck pile movement and tracks ore to improve recovery.

The system uses geolocated and blast-resistant electronic devices placed in auxiliary drill holes before blasting.

The devices’geolocation is followed by movement vectors after the blast, enabling us to determine muck pile and ore polygons displacement.

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