Migrate the operations from OP to UG


In 2000, the rock mass preconditioning development began in Chile for Codelco’s Andina Division block caving mines to reduce the particle size at the extraction points, as well as increasing the caving propagation speed, extraction speed, and decreasing ramp-up time for a project.


Massive deposits are getting deeper, with more competent rock, which is driving the migration from open-pit mining to underground mining. In this scenario, the block caving method is often the most suitable for economically viable exploitation of these deposits.

Therefore, there is a challenge for mining suppliers to provide timely solutions to these new needs, which contributes significantly to the productivity of the mining industry.


The solution is Preblast® system: an emulsion with a truck developed by Enaex for this application.  

The results show that loading with Preblast® allows:

  • Meeting deadlines for the start of caving operations.
  • Reducing the risk associated with transportation and handling since it is not explosive until pumped into the boreholes.
  • Increasing the productivity of the preconditioning process with explosives by reducing loading time.
  • Reducing implementation times for successful start-up of new mega-projects.
  • Loading drillholes over 200m without losing the
    explosive’s properties.

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