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Ernest Henry Mining wanted to alter the pulp chemistry to improve the flotation performance in its plant.

Introducing the MagoLoad: a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionise grinding operations in milling plants. Engineered for automated grinding ball addition and real-time online reporting, this innovative equipment ensures seamless integration into your workflow. With MagoLoad, you can have full confidence in accurate control of ball consumption and precise monitoring of related wear rates.


After a series of promising laboratory test work, the decision was taken to convert the ball mill media charge from forged steel to high chrome media.


The improvements in the pulp chemistry resulted in an increase in copper and gold recovery of at least 1.3% and 1.0%, respectively. The additional copper in concentrate production reached up to 1430 tpy and 2840 ounces of gold per year, representing a $12.8 million USD increase in gross profit. Additionally, laboratory test work also indicated that the use of high chrome media could lead to reductions in pH during rougher, which would see no negative impact on the plant’s performance. In fact, once applied, this strategy realised an annual cost saving of $700,000 USD by reducing lime consumption.

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