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The Chuquicamata Division is an open-pit copper and gold mine located in Chile.

The intensive exploitation method incorporates undercutting and drawbell areas. The customer’s primary requirement seeks to improve operational safety conditions, to increase work quality and meet production plans.


Blasts remove the ore in the rock mass, then begins the comminution process. Controlling the amount of material extracted and the productivity attained by the explosive loading process impact the subsequent stages.


The solution consists of mechanized loading of in-situ gasified pumpable emulsion. Sensitization is done in the UBEX-ONE® equipment designed to load underground mining production holes.

A remote-controlled robotic arm and a camera allow safe exploitation by keeping the operator away from the risk zone. 

The dual equipment can be connected to the electrical grid providing autonomy without gas emissions, ideal for areas with difficult access to ventilation.

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