Success Story - Case Study: Helping reducing SAG mill’s operating costs


Our client was investigating avenues to reduce operating costs for its SAG mill. When it comes to SAG grinding media, concentrator operations are needed to effectively balance wear and breakage resistance. Our client approached us with hopes of reducing SAG grinding media consumption without increasing the risk of breakage, as well as potential alternatives to the current supply.


Through a mill study, we investigated the running conditions and any requirements for “high impact” resistant grinding balls.
Samples were collected for laboratory analysis and an alloy scoping study, to determine the optimal solution while taking into account the impact of alloys on downstream reagent usage.
Through these tests, the ideal forged ball with optimal hardness and composition for the application was defined, in combination with Magotteaux’s proprietary models and databases. Further examination and continuous monitoring were implemented to determine the potential positive impact of other types of grinding media on the gold recovery.


This resulted in the absence of breakage and deformation. The Magotteaux mining grinding forging process ensures uniform wear and achieves optimal performance throughout its entire lifespan. The balls taken from the mill‘s discharge were worn down from 4.5‘‘ to less than 1/2‘‘, without deformation and breakage. Due to the substantial problems encountered with their previous supplier, the customer expressed great satisfaction with both the quality and total cost of ownership associated with our products.

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