Success Story - Case Study: Copper mining secures 9mio USD/year


Our client was examining ways to decrease their operating costs and approached Magotteaux to determine if grinding media costs could be reduced through alloy optimisation.


The customer wanted to reduce grinding media costs to the equivalent of $200,000 USD/year, by switching to a lower-cost Magotteaux mining grinding media soltuion, such as One Cast High Chrome. At the time, the customer indicated that they would revert to the initial alloy if the new solution resulted in a loss of copper recovery. As the plant would be using an alternative alloy, Magotteaux suggested the continuous monitoring of pulp chemistry during the purge using MagoPulp. The new technology was duly installed, commissioned, and commenced collecting data.


We monitored MagoPulp and noted that copper recovery declined when using the alternative alloy. The customer then converted the ball mill to optimal Magotteaux alloy for maximum copper recovery.

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